If you are reading this blog, chances are you talk, and when you do, it would be nice if people listened. Not just on the surface but really connected to what you were trying to say. Whether you teach, run meetings, facilitate or speak in public, you would prefer to be memorable rather than forgettable. There is no such thing as magic fairy dust to sprinkle on your presentations. I will give you actionable ideas that you can read and master in minutes that if used, will absolutely change the way you present forever. Put the work in and reap the rewards. Be dynamic, be inspiring, and master the one thing all presenters want to achieve… transference to your audience.

You may be asking yourself, “Who is Brett Thornton and why should I read his blog entries?” If you’re that person, turns out you are in the minority, not because I am anything special, but because people rarely just invest personal time into anything anymore with being nudged or convinced that their time will have a positive outcome. I did a very official poll (and by official I asked my friends and people who were closely sitting by me at the time) and came to the conclusion that nothing I could write in my introductory bio would convince you that I am worth reading. You follow a blog for one of three reasons. First, we all love to know what famous people think, don’t we? The stats don’t lie; being famous makes you very readable. Second, we love to follow people who are ridiculously successful. We aspire to be better ourselves and inherently want to feel that through some type of keyboard telepathy we are going to improve our selves by following the success of others. Thirdly, and most important in my opinion, we are turned onto a blog by a personal recommendation either directly from someone we know, or socially through our networks.

That being the case, I ‘m definitely not famous and although some would argue I am successful I am not choosing between my Lamborghini or Range Rover for which car to drive from the yacht to the office so let’s assume someone pushed you my way. Here is why I am going to give you something that others are not. I was born in 1980 which is either the last year of Generation X or the first year for the millennials. I’ve always seemed to be lumped in with the millennial generation being a Southern California guy who likes to surf and skate and dress “youngish” as my boss once quoted. Although as an executive working for a 4 billion dollar public organization I hope you’ll find that I speak to my surroundings. I am not trying to be anything other than what I am today in this moment. I am a 36 year old dad who has two amazing children. I’ve been known to head straight from the surf in the morning to the boardroom and yes, I have been caught on a webcam wearing a shirt, tie and blazer for an important meeting and called out to stand up revealing my board shorts under the desk. I have sprinted through the jungles of Eastern Myanmar (Burma) shooting a documentary film (www.roadofresistance.com). I have spoken in front giant audiences as well as run literally hundreds of meetings. I have worked for young upstart entrepreneurs, and I have worked for some of the most amazing CEO’s on the planet. I have been teaching Adult Learner’s Workshops for years and have now developed my own unique ways that anyone can go from average to great no matter what your present skill level is. What I am posting flat out works. I don’t know how else I can put it other than you have to learn from your mistakes, and steal shamelessly anything and everything you see that you love. Take risks, do something different, be active, decide today to be a better version of yourself. I will write actual techniques and ideas you can apply instantly to your day to day lives…less theory and more practical application!

"Finally, Thank you to all the mentors I have had over the years that have taught me to soak up everything from a failure because it will ultimately become the guiding light to your successes."

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