Are Your Fears Making YOU a LAME Presenter???

It was interesting watching my daughter attempt to jump off this large wall at the beach this weekend. She was so consumed with not wanting her brother to mess with her when she jumped that it took her forever to commit and launch off the wall. When she finally blocked him out and went for it she realized how easy it was and then made us stay till dark so she could do it a million times.

When public speaking, how many times have you let your thoughts about the audience, or an individual stop you from going all out in a presentation? Have you ever had a brilliant yet outside the box idea and decided against it because you were afraid of what people may think? At the end of the day, producing true motivation in others often times comes from YOU taking a risk and letting go of your fears to leap head on into it!

Over the past year and a half after launching this blog I have had so many different people from different walks of life reach out to me about presentation tips, ideas and best practices. At the end of the day from what I gather, nobody seems to have remarkable presentations that didn't take some sort of a risk. Sometimes the risk is as simple as just letting go enough to truly be yourself no matter what anyone thinks!


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