10 Presenting Tips in 10 Days Challenge!

Do you want to be a better presenter? Even though that seems like an easy question to answer, the reality is most people won't take the time to invest in themselves to be better. Here are ten easy tips that you can do in order to become a better speaker. Although anyone can do them, in order to become legit, you just have to commit to practicing and letting yourself be open to trying new things.

In October a hashtag was flooding social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, called the #TenTips10days challenge. This was a social challenge to post content that would help others improve in any area, over the course of 10 days.

I was challenged to take part in the series and speak on presenting! Below you will find my ten tips that you can implement today to take control of your meetings, speaking engagements or anytime you you to present!

These are all video based, so you don't even have to read, just watch and let me know what you think!

Tip #1 - Touching is Good!

Tip #2 - Creating the Environment

#3 Setting a level of Risk

#4 Ice-Breaker

#5 The "1 -20"

#6 The Web - Learning Styles & #7 The Web - Generations

#8 Steal Shamelessly

#9 Passion Transfer

#10 Milli Vanilli

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