Virtual Ice-Breaker - 1's & 2's

Platform: Virtual

  • Time: 5 minutes

  • Audience size: 5-No Limit

  • Prep: everyone needs their webcams on for this to work, and you will need pictures loaded on a slide deck to share.

  • Special Notes: This is a great ice-breaker for any zoom meeting, new teams or ones who know each other well.

  • Set Up: Have a slide like the one below or set up the Ice-breaker by telling the audience that you are going put up pictures and everyone in the meeting has to hold up 1 finger or two based on their answers.


  • This is all about picking funny and somewhat confrontational pictures so you get good reactions.

  • All you have to do is hit the slides, and sell the sizzle of what makes it funny, and watch the webcams for reactions.

  • A great tip is after each one call out a few people to say why they voted that way (especially calling on people who are laughing or have strong opinions.


  • See below for example slides, as an example the first one you as a facilitator are asking if they prefer their ice-Cream in a cone or cup. (to kick it off I usually take a hard stance on one or the other)


  • This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, moving and engaging. You could always tie a business objective to it as well if you wanted to wrap it around the meeting’s topic or something as well.

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