Virtual Ice-Breaker - Acting Skilllzzz

Platform: Virtual

Time: 5 minutes

Audience size: 5-No Limit


  • Everyone needs their webcams on for this to work, and you will need questions loaded on a slide or on your desk.

Special Notes: This is a great ice-breaker for any zoom meeting, however this works much better with a team who is used to meeting with one another and has relationship’s previously.

Set Up: Have a slide like the one below or set up the Ice-breaker by telling the audience that you are going to see who has acting skills out there???

The Execution:

  • Once everyone is out of the frame hit the next slide or read out loud the “Acting” you want everyone to perform when they come back into the screen.

  • These questions can be anything as long as they are designed to be engaging and funny.


  • When you come back into the frame act like you just put on a pair of jeans you haven't worn in a long time and found $20 in your pocket.

  • When you come back into the frame act like you are listening to someone who just started at your company last week and is trying to explain to YOU how to do your job!

  • When you come back into the frame act like you thought no one was in the room and you let one go! (this was my closer, really funny)


  • This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, moving and engaging.

  • You could always tie a business objective to it as well if you wanted to wrap it around the meeting’s topic or something as well.

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