Virtual Ice-Breaker - Best Comedy Movie EVER!

Platform: Virtual

Time: 5 minutes

Audience size: 3-No Limit


  • Everyone needs their webcams on for this to work, and you will need an image saved to your zoom or teams profile so you can have an image pop up behind you when you want it to.

  • You will need to send out this communication prior to your meeting:

"Hello Everyone, I am really looking forward to our meeting next ___________. In preparation for the meeting you need to do something very important. You need to decide what you believe is the best Comedy Movie of all time. Google the movie and pick a scene that would be recognizable and save an image from it to add to your background option in zoom (or teams). During the meeting at some point I will ask you to throw up your background. ***Please do not start with it up*** If you are unfamiliar with how to put up a different image behind yourself on zoom here are the instructions: Looking forward to seeing you all and explaining to you why my comedy is the best and that you are wrong. Have your debate ready!

Special Notes: This is a great ice-breaker for any zoom meeting, however this works really well if the team knows each other well and can talk trash and have fun with it.

Set Up: Have a slide that just says, COMEDY...Let me tell you why I’m right and you are wrong!

The Execution:

  • Once everyone is ready you explain that on the count of three you want everyone to change their zoom background to the one with the image of your favorite comedy.

  • Count to three and have everyone throw them up.

  • Laugh, make funny accusations, then let the fun begin.

  • Ask the audience for a volunteer to explain why “their” comedy is the best of all time, then let the debating and joking begin.

***Pro Tip - hit up a couple people ahead of time who usually participate and have good humor. Tell them that if no one volunteers can jump in to get the ball rolling, this always helps to ensure you don’t get crickets.***


  • Here is the photo I used from the obviously best comedy movie of all time!

Debrief: This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, engaging, debating and also getting to know one another better.

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