Virtual Ice-Breaker - CHAT BOX GLORY


  • Virtual


5 minutes

Audience size:

  • 3 - No Limit


  • everyone needs their chat box open on the side of the virtual meeting room

Special Notes:

  • This is a great ice-breaker for any zoom meeting, can be done with people who know each other or ones who don't!

Set Up:

  • Have a slide like the one below with all of the examples hidden, explain that you will be popping questions up and everyone has to answer in the chat box.

The Execution:

  • Once everyone is ready start popping up the questions one at a time. A great facilitator will call people out they know and joke with them about the answers, ask for some clarifying questions so the ice-breaker stays interactive.


  • Who was your childhood actor/actress crush?

  • What’s the grossest food you ever had to eat to be polite?

  • What’s the craziest fashion trend you ever rocked?

  • What was the first concert you ever went to?

  • What was your first record, tape or CD that you ever owned?

  • What totally rad expression did you overuse in high school?

  • What band would you be embarrassed to admit you listen to?

  • What’s your strangest talent?

  • What’s your favorite part of a county fair?

  • What show on Netflix did you binge watch embarrassingly fast?

  • Which celebrity do you shamelessly follow in the news?

  • What is your favorite smell? (ended on this one because some examples were super funny)


  • This Ice-breaker is great if a lot of people do not have or are not on video, and you can easily tie in the questions to a business objective if needed

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