Virtual Ice-Breaker - Get to Know______!

Platform: Virtual

Time: 5 minutes

Audience size: 5-No Limit


  • Everyone needs their webcams on for this to work, and you will need questions loaded on a slide or on your desk about someone that you want to spotlight.

  • You will need to work with this person ahead of time to find out random true and random false things about them people wouldn’t know.

  • Each person will need to have two pieces of paper one with a large TRUE on it and one with a large FALSE on it.

Set Up:

  • Have a slide like the one below to set up the Ice-Breaker, make sure everyone is ready, cameras are on and they have their papers.

The Execution:

  • Introduce your person that you are spotlighting.

  • I actually did this for an incredible colleague when he was starting out a couple months ago @Monte Williams

  • All you have to do it hit each slide and have the answer hidden.

  • Have everyone hold up their signs in front of their webcams.

  • After each one, once the laughs, oohs and awes pass have the spotlight person explain them if they were funny or outlandish.


  • These were two examples from Monte…(both true : )


  • This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, learning about someone, maybe a guest speaker or even yourself.

  • Can really tie into your meeting if you want the questions guided that way.

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