Virtual Ice-Breaker "Name That Leader"

This is a really fun virtual ice-breaker that hits all the elements you want out of an ice-breaker intro, it highlights leaders in your organization, gets people involved and also get everyone to know the leaders you selected on a more personal basis!

Platform: Virtual Meeting

Time: 5-10 minutes

Audience size: 10 - No Limit


  • This one requires a solid 20 minutes of prep time

  • You select a group of leaders you want to highlight, 6 -10 is about perfect

  • You must email/slack all the people you want to be featured in the game ahead of time and ask them to provide you with a funny/random/interesting fact about themselves that they think no one would know.

  • I do not tell them really what it's for or who else is in it, that will keep them involved as well.

  • Then you need a headshot of each person, I just used their slack headshot which was easy and took only a minute to add into the powerpoint.

  • Then create an ice-breaker power point that has a slide that shows all the leaders faces on it (as seen in the video) with a quote in the middle.

  • You will then have 6-10 consecutive slides of all the random quotes, then have 6-10 consecutive slides with the quotes again but this time with the persons picture who said it.

Set Up:

  • When you get everyone on the zoom and ready have them all take out a piece of paper, or type notes on their computer where they number 1-8 (or how ever many leaders you are highlighting).

  • Then explain the rules, that as you go through each quote on each slide they have to guess which leader that quote is about.

The Execution:

  • Once everyone is ready start with the first slide, read the quote and remind everyone to write down the leader they think that is.

  • Go through all the slides until you have had everyone guess the entire list.

  • Then one by one you click the next slide which reveals the original slide 1 with the quote only this time the person's face is the only one left showing.

  • Continue this until all the leaders have been revealed.

Extra Sauce:

  • Making this your own means that you will joke around throughout the intro, having people expand on the quote when funny our outrageous. '

  • This is important to do in a fun and uplifting manner to get your audience to know their leaders more than before and see the fun side.


  • This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, writing, being involved and you can always keep score to add a fun competition angle to it if that suites your team! Although this one take more prep than some of the others it is well worth it because it hype's up your leaders and gets everyone involved!

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