Virtual Ice-Breaker - OUT OF FRAME

Platform: Virtual / Or In Person

Time: 5 minutes

Audience size: 5-No Limit


  • Everyone needs their webcams on for this to work, and you will need questions loaded on a slide along with the directions.

Special Notes: This is a great ice-breaker for any zoom meeting, however this works much better with a team who is used to meeting with one another and has relationship’s previously, it will lead to spicier content!

Set Up:

  • Have a slide with the directions (Seen Above) , and then a deck with as many questions as time permits.

  • The first question should be a non funny, easy one that get's everyone understanding the game.

  • As you progress the questions should become more funny and/or polarizing

  • Personalizing a few to be about some of the participants makes it more fun, but be careful not to say anything that would make someone feel bad.

  • Your last question can also be a more serious one that has to do with the content of your meeting to jump right into the start of your opening slides.

The Execution:

  • Read the directions and make sure that everyone understands the rules.

  • If the meeting is all virtual then change your directions to being all just slide in or out based on true or false.

  • If you have some people gathered or all together, switch the rules to being a raised hand means it's a true statement and both hands down means it's not true.

  • Start out with your easy phrase like "I am Left Handed" and make sure everyone gets the rules before moving on. The majority of people should have slid out of frame leaving only your few south paws left on the screen.

  • Then have everyone slide back into frame and start going through the slides, making a huge deal out of people when they are in disagreements and even calling people out sometimes to debate among themselves, all in good fun!


  • Below you can see a bunch of the slides that I used to give you an idea of funny examples.

  • I had a bunch of personal ones as well for some of the leaders on the zooms.


  • This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, moving and engaging. Use my slides and personalize it a bit for a great ice-breaker!

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