Virtual ice-Breaker Prank!

Platform: Virtual Meeting

Time: 3 minutes

Audience size: 5-No Limit


  • Everyone needs their webcams on for this to work, and you will need to prep EVERYONE ahead of time except the person you are pranking.

Special Notes: This is a great ice-breaker but is for teams who know one another since you need to get everyone in on the joke ahead of time. Would be great for a weekly or monthly sync, etc.

Set Up:

  • Send everyone the picture that you see below that says "reconnecting"

  • Everyone must add this picture to their zoom profile (directions here for adding the image to your profile , takes 10 seconds)

  • Use this photo below, but keep in mind once you do that if you turn off your video it will show this picture below.

The Execution:

  • Let everyone know that you will be asking the "person you want to prank" an impromptu question once everyone is on the meeting.

  • As soon as the person starts to respond EVERYONE on the meeting just click stop video.

  • Because you changed your profile picture to "reconnecting" that is what will show up in all the boxes.

  • Everyone just be quiet and see what the victim does!


  • Here's an example i used if I were pranking the lady from Tiger King or Tom Brady : )


  • This Ice-breaker gets everyone laughing, and plays a fun prank on someone from your team. Should be all done in good fun and the point should be after a few awkward moments to pop back on and show the person some love!

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