I'm dying to steal your idea!

Just joking, however I really want to share it with everyone.  I was taught a long time ago by my most influential mentor Matt Anderson, that in order for a company or a person to be successful they needed to learn as much as possible about what and how others were winning in their space.  Unfortunately many people are competitive, especially in the corporate world and tend to keep ideas to themselves.  Matt taught me that true leaders share, not just the okay ideas but all their nuggets.  Stealing ideas shamelessly became a mantra of mine always with my teams, the more we share the better we all became. This blog has been built out of the spirit of sharing.  I hope you are inspired to share with me your ideas on presenting.  I plan to post many articles in the future and fully expect that a lot of the material will come from all of you, through the Tip Line and our conversations.